Research and Development

Windkinetic professionals during Research and Development brainstorming session

Our Research and Development Activities

Research and Development (R&D) are in the DNA of WindKinetic Off-Grid Power systems. From the very first days, we have continuously undertaken activities and constant effort to innovate and introduce new products and services in the energy distributed generation space.

We constantly monitor and test any new technology, product and applications to evaluate their potential and possible positive implications on the market.

Storage technologies, PV technologies, wind turbines, charging electronics, data acquisition systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence are all fields we deal with in their application to renewable distributed generation.

The deep knowledge of market technologies allows us to accurately choose the best solution and give life to innovative and reliable products or integrated systems.


Windkinetic laboratory and testing bench

We have set up in our facility an advanced test bench where we test and evaluate components and integrated systems.

A roof-mounted solar array and few wind turbines provide the generating renewable side, together with diesel generation and a fuel cell system.

Charging systems and inverters can be set up in multiple configurations in order to replicate real field operating conditions.

Any storage technology can be tested in multiple configurations, LiFePO4, LTO, lead-acid and many others. A dedicated advanced BMS (battery management system) allows proper monitoring of lithium technologies.

Several Windkinetic remote monitoring and control systems consisting of multiple sensors and Modbus data acquisition capabilities allow us to monitor in real-time tens of parameters as well as to log them in a database. The huge amount of data is then delivered to our Research and Development specialists for in-depth analyses.

A 3 kW Lithium cell cycler allows us to test LiFePO4 and LTO cells on the market, evaluate real performances and its compliance with what is stated in datasheets.


Windkinetic mini-grid test and didactic facility

We have set up a real working mini-grid in our facility which replicates a large scale one in all its parts and technology.

  • Power generation
  • Power conversion
  • Storage
  • Monitoring
  • Distribution
  • Metering
  • Billing
  • Customer CRM


WindKinetic mini-grid test and training facility is a powerful R&D and didactic tool that allows us to experiment and test the real operating conditions of the mini-grid.

We cooperate and exchange knowledge with Academia such as the University of Pisa, Sapienza University of Rome, Politecnico of Milano.

We always host interns to study while working and mostly to have great fun with us.