Small off-grid hybrid systems




A full set of small scale and perfectly industrialized off-grid systems powered by wind, sun, and methanol fuel cells with LiFePO4 storage.

Whenever a reliable source of power is needed in remote areas, Windkinetic off-grid systems can accomplish the mission.

Hybrid systems ensure a continuous and reliable electricity supply enabling many types of remote but critical industrial applications such as Oil&Gas cathodic protection, Oil&Gas unmanned operations, offshore unmanned operations, Telemetry, Surveillance and Security, IoT, Transmission Line Monitoring, Dynamic Voltage Rating, remote SCADA,  many others.


Power generation: Solar, Wind, Methanol fuel cells

Power range: from 20 W to 3 kW

Fuel Storage: Methanol up to 200 Liters

Battery Storage technologies: LiFePO4, LTO.   Energy from 1.5 kWh to 10 kWh

Output power: DC 12-24-48V; AC 220V.


Available options:

Remote monitoring and control SCADA system

Engineering and customization