Remote monitoring & control system

From a reactive to a proactive approach to post-sales services.

Parameters measured by the remote monitoring and control system

Our remote monitoring and control system, when applied to an offgrid installation, enables to switch from a reactive to a proactive approach to operation and maintenance and therefore to post-sales services.

In remote areas where site visits are rare, difficult or sometimes very expensive, the use of a reliable remote monitoring and control system is mandatory.

Our device allows having always available all the most important values and parameters of the off-grid system, both in real-time and as historical values. This way the users are always able to understand when the system is not performing. Therefore, they can arrange a site visit before a problem translates into downtime.

Up to 100 parameters can be acquired and delivered to the customer service department, real-time thresholds and derived values through also complicated logics can trigger alarms via emails and SMS. Fully customizable on-demand depending on the application.