Containerized Microgrid for industrial applications and rural electrification

Solar microgrid for C&I and rural electrification

Microgrid is an integrated energy infrastructure of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources, within clearly defined electrical boundaries that acts as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid (grid-connected) or in stand-alone systems (island-mode) and with the core functionalities of power generation; power storage; control, manage and measure (CMM); convert and consume.

Windkinetic Off-grid Power System offers a wide range of fully integrated & containerized Hybrid power generation systems for microgrids and C&I applications.

From just a few kilowatts to 10 megawatts of generating power and MWh of storage systems.

Our microgrids are completely designed and integrated in Italy either in Florence or Milan, including the power converters and the EMS, the heart of the microgrid, which are produced and assembled by our mother company Friem S.p.A. in Segrate (MI).

Solar, Wind, and hydropower can be integrated, as well as diesel or grid back-up.

Microgrid: Rack-mounted electronics inside

Every system is equipped with our remote monitoring and control system platform which allows us to constantly acquire health signals from the plant. The system allows us to predict issues before they rise into a problem or system downtime.

We allow our customers to switch the customer service approach from reactive to proactive.