Containerized stand-alone power solutions for industrial applications


A full set of “plug and play” containerized off-grid systems ready to deliver reliable power anywhere is needed around the globe. No matter how, where and at what weather conditions, our systems can deliver power and guarantee outstanding uptime and smooth operations.

The containerized system is a completely renewable energy generating plant that includes all the components in it and is ready to be operated. Systems are fully designed, assembled and carefully tested in our premises in Italy. Systems are installed in customized shelters derived from ISO containers.

Power generation options: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Genset, Methanol Fuel Cells. Power range from 3 kW to 1.5 MW

Storage technologies: LiFePO4, LTO, Lead Acid. Energy from 1.5 kWh to 2 MWh.

Output power: DC 24-48V; AC any type. Power range from 3 KVA to 1.5 MW

The containerized off-grid system brings the advantage of a versatile tailor-made integrated solution together with the reliability of a fully industrialized and standard product.

Typical applications are Oil & Gas data acquisition for unmanned operations, Telecom BTS tower power supply, Mining operations, Off-grid C&I power supply to industrial operations.