Claudio Pedretti, CEO of Windkinetic, nominated Member of REN21 Steering Committee

Milano, 06 May 2020 – Windkinetic CEO, Claudio Pedretti, in his role as ARE President will represent the Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) sector in the REN21 Steering Committee.

REN21 is a global renewable energy community of actors from science, governments, NGOs, and industry that provides up-to-date and peer-reviewed facts, figures, and analysis of global developments in technology, policies, and markets. Their goal is to “enable decision-makers to make the shift to renewable energy happen now”.

The Steering Committee is the main governing entity of REN21 with 50 representatives voted by REN21 members. Claudio Pedretti, serving as ARE President will represent DRE Industry

Associations within the Committee until 2021.



Alice Nencini

Giovanni Testa

Claudio Pedretti

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