WindKinetic Wind-Solar Offgrid power systems, unparalleled reliability and ZERO downtime

Wind-solar offgrid system

In some remote industrial applications, the outcome of a mission may depend on a few Watts. This is where WindKinetic off-grid plug and play containerized solutions can give the best of themselves.

offshore platform power supply by windkinetic

What you can see in these photos is one of our wind-solar offgrid systems installed off-shore in the Caspian Sea. Our mission, in this case, is to provide reliable DC power to a radio repeater which is part of a VTMS (Vessel Travel Management & Information System).

The operating conditions are difficult in this region of Kazakhstan, where temperatures can go down to -40°C in the winter and up to 50°C in the summer. The sea environment makes it even more difficult to operate any kind of technology

offshore platform power supply renewable sources
Our customer requested a system able to supply 24/7/365 power generation coming from renewable energy with a 7 days autonomy storage system. No diesel backup was allowed. Yes,exactly no back-up. The challenge was a right fit for us!

After one and half years of operation, we are so proud to have delivered power without a minute of downtime. The system we delivered has worked perfectly and we are now ready to deliver tens of them in similar applications.

PV modules supply power to offshore platform

Technical specifications

The system is completely installed on a custom 10 feet container with 80 kWh of LiFePO4 storage, 5 kWp of solar array and 2 kWp of wind power. All the parameters and system operation are constantly monitored from our headquarter in Florence, Italy thanks to our proprietary WindKinetic’s remote monitoring and control system.

Our customer receives SMS and emails if some values go out of the expected range, making it possible to determine potential issues before they rise into an actual problem, allowing to switch from a reactive to a proactive approach to maintenance.

This systems are the perfect fit for any type of renewable energy industrial applications where reliability and uptime is a must.

Telecom operators, mining, oil&gas, telemetry. These are all sectors that we are happy to serve with fully customized and custom engineered systems.

software Remote LIVE Monitoring

Software renewables LIVE Monitoring


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