Windkinetic Microgrid Containerized System delivered in Ndola, Zambia

Yesterday Windkinetic Microgrid containerized system has been finally delivered in Ndola, Zambia.

The project has been developed in partenership with the Comunità Solare Locale and the Association Pope John the 23rd for C.Y.P.- Cicetekelo Youth Project, which is a model for the protection of minors that deals with the recovery and family reintegration and social OVCs – Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

Our first 30 kW Microgrid in Zambia will power the ice-cream factory of the village which is also their main economic activity. Deploying our microgrid will help to save the materials and products from the energy outages that occur on a regular basis. Also, through the use of renewable energies the operation of the back-up diesel generator will be highly reduced and the overall cost of energy will be much lower.

The installation and commission will be completed in the coming weeks.



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