WindKinetic Wind-Solar hybrid system powering a monitoring station for a high-voltage transmission line of the French Electricity Transmission Network (Réseau de Transport d’Electricité, RTE)

System Commissioning

We have just commissioned our first wind/solar hybrid system for a national power transmission line in France: Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE)

The objective of the system is to supply energy to a monitoring system developed and owned by Micca, our Austrian distributor. The station collects data about the physical conditions of the power conductors in real-time.

With the collected data, the line operator can significantly improve the management of the energy delivered through the lines. In particular, they are able to maximize the current flowing through the conductors, by exceeding the nominal current allowed by the original design.  The current is limited only when the system observes an actual overload of the lines and immediately communicates to the base power station to decrease it. This translates into considerable resource-saving and increased efficiency.

This task is critical because a failure of the monitoring system would result in a major loss of money. Therefore, also the power supplied to the monitoring station needs to be highly reliable.

For this reason, we designed a power system to operate with zero downtime, delivering constant and reliable energy to the monitoring devices.

Technical Specifications

The wind/solar hybrid system consists of an industrial wind turbine, a solar panel, and the electronics. It also includes all the charging devices, a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery bank and a 3G remote monitoring and control system. The monitoring system allows the operator to check all the parameters of the power system and to receive alarms if any value deviates from a specified range.  As a result, the maintenance is switched from a reactive to a proactive approach, which is more suitable for such demanding applications.

We are looking forward to further contributing to improve the management of the transmission lines of France and other European TCOs, to boost the efficiency of their grids through better energy management from the generation sites to the end-users.