WindKinetic supplies the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) – Sorbonne

WindKinetic is thrilled to have been chosen to work with the Sorbonne. The Sorbonne, as one of the world’s leading Universities, is famous for its multidisciplinary research, as well as its quest for knowledge and excellence, in fields ranging from

The foundation of our partnership is to initially supply an integrated micro renewable energy and monitoring system for use in the third year course of Océan,  Atmosphère et Energie Renouvelable (Ocean, Atmosphere and Renewable Energy), under the leadership of Professor Wilson.


The integrated system consists of a vertical axis wind turbine and solar panel combined with our hybrid wind/solar charger and battery bank to support the remote monitoring and control system.
The objective of this particular integrated system is for the students to gather real time environmental data. Hence, critical to the success of the work was the solution provided by WindKinetic; and that the Remote Monitoring and Control System is supplied unprogrammed to provide the students with the facility to set all the parameters they need, enabling analysis assisted by WindKinetic.

The Remote Monitoring and Control System consists of a SCADA board and a software that when programmed, allow to measure Energy production and up to 8 Environmental parameters such as wind speed, temperature, battery voltage and others, in order to have a real time overview of the system in which it is deployed.

Monitored parameters plotted in graphs

Monitored parameters plotted in graphs