Hybrid offgrid trailer for a WiMax emergency repeater in a copper mine in Aktogay, Kazakhstan

Windkinetic Off-grid Power Systems has just commissioned the first of a series of standalone renewable energy trailers. This system has been sold and installed by our regional dealer in Central Asia: Avencom.

The hybrid offgrid trailer supplies continuous and reliable electrical energy to the emergency communication and video surveillance system in the Aktogay mine, in an extremely challenging environment with temperatures from -40°C to +50°C, dust, and mud.

Windkinetic designed and engineered the system to operate in these harsh conditions without downtime.

The system consists of a customized off-road trailer with a special structure and a telescopic tower.  The system includes one Windkinetic Magellano 500 W wind turbine and 2 solar arrays (1000 W total). A diesel generator is installed as a back-up.

Windkinetic wind turbine is on top of a stainless steel telescopic mast, where Siemens Wimax devices are also installed. The solar panels are mounted on the side and on the top of the trailer structure, to be easily and safely oriented.

The hybrid offgrid trailer chassis has 2 separate compartments. All the charging electronics are inside the first one, as well as the battery bank and the telecom devices, while the Genset, diesel heater and fuel tank are in the second compartment.

The compartments are thermally controlled both at low temperatures by the diesel heater and at high temperatures by cooling fans.

The entire system can be installed and be operational in less than 1 hour.

To evaluate the state of health of the system a remote monitoring and control system is also installed.

This power trailer system is designed to minimize the downtime and is intended to be used in extremely demanding applications, such as telecommunication, mining, oil&gas, disaster relief and everywhere there is a need for a reliable yet easy deployable source of power.