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The Brat is simply the most versatile solar controller in its class. The Brat is a finely-tuned solar PWM charger capable of providing up to 30 Amps of charging current, with class-leading lighting and load control features including one-of-a-kind Solar Clock.

Rain-proof out of the box, and supporting dead-battery charging and low-voltage load disconnect, The Brat is perfect for outdoor, marine, RV, and unattended remote applications.

The Brat doesn’t skimp on features, including temperature-compensated charging, manual and 30-day automatic equalize, and at an affordable price too!


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Input Voltage
11p to 60VDC
Nominal Battery Voltage
12 or 24V – Selectable
Maximum Charger Current
30A as charger only, reduced to 20A if the load controller is used
Charging Regulation
Bulk Absorb, Float as well as Equalization
Equalization Charging
Automatic, 15/30V, two hours every 30 days or no EQ
Battery Temp Compensation
Automatic -ambient temperature detected through built-in sensor
Status Display
Four LEDs for Bulk, Float, Load On and Low Battery/Low-Voltage-Disconnect
load Circuit Rating
10A max
Main Charger Settings
Supports four battery profiles: GEL, AGM and two Flooded profiles
(8 position switch)
Selectable 12 or 24V
Selectable 11 or 11.7V Low Voltage Disconnect (doubles on a 24V system)
Low -EMI Mode for sensitive loads
Load Control/Charge Control selection switch
• Auto -Equalize ON/OFF Control
Solar Clock Mode: User selectable mode in which lighting run-time
automatically adjusts for seasonal daylight. Example: A two hour
setting in summer will automatically extend in the winter
Lighting/Load Control
Nine Modes for lighting starting at dusk (1-9 hours), selectable in one
(16 position rotary switch)
hour increments
NI modes subject
to low
Three modes for combination early -night and early -morning lighting.
voltage disconnect aVD)
o Lights ON for 3 hours after dusk, OFF then ON again for 1 hour
before dawn
o Lights ON for 4 hours after dusk, OFF then ON again for 2 hours
before dawn
o Lights ON for 6 hours after dusk, OFF then ON again for 2 hours
before dawn
Dawn -To -Dusk Mode (Load ON only during daylight hours)
Dusk -To -Dawn Mode (Load ON only at night)
24 Hour Mode (Load ON always) except for LVD event
Operating Temperature
-40C to 60C (Controller will auto derate as temperature rises above 75C
Environmental Rating
Outdoor- weather proof, type 3R/1P55
1 Lb.
x 2.375D
Shipping Dimensions
711 x 7W x
Shipping Weight
2 Lbs.

2 Year


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Dimensional Drawings – PDF
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4 MBpdf

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